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Custom Stickers with JPJ Graphic

Stickers can be used almost anywhere: as conventional advertising materials, collector stickers for consumers, for guerrilla marketing, for labelling objects or as window decals or decorative window films. Our online print shop gives you support even before you place an order with our sticker printers. We offer a free sticker template to ensure optimal print results. Our expert customer service team is standing by to give you useful tips about designing your own stickers, information about setting up your layout, or to answer any questions about the ordering process for your custom printed stickers.



Printed Banners for Perfect Event Marketing

Do you want to bring your marketing strategy to another level and immediately stand out? Do you want to maximise your advertising space without having to lift or transport a lot? Would you like to be flexible with different advertising designs and easily change from one motif to the next? Then our roller banner displays: "Discount", "Classic", "Comfort" und "Design" are the perfect solution with their flexible and interchangeable display system.


Advertising banners and tarpaulins – flexible advertising that hits the target

Thanks to their flexibility and large range of different sizes, advertising banners and tarpaulins can be used in many ways for a range of advertising goals. At construction sites, in addition to their advertising message, they provide an additional layer of protection and prevent debris from escaping. For events, they are frequently used to advertise the event in advance, as well as to decorate indoor areas and help customers find their way around. Wherever you want to use your advertising tarpaulins, you will find a wide range of sizes, big and small, in our shop, along with various materials and appropriate further processing. This enables you to configure the perfect form of advertising tailored to your specific needs.

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Sticker Printing

Avery MPI Value Film

RM 2.80/sf

Backlit Vinyl Printing

Korflex Vinyl (510g)

RM 5.50/sf

Banner Printing

Flexible Vinyl (440g)

RM 2.10/sf

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