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How to Print Accurate Colors

Following these six steps should ensure colour accuracy in your print projects, every time.

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How to colour-match your print projects

Most designers or marketing team have experienced issues with getting colours in print sticker to match what's on the screens at some sport. After picking the colours in your designs carefully and maybe considering company identiti to influence your colour palette choices – if things don't turn out as expected it can be confusing and frustrating trying to troubleshoot the problem.

Thankfully there are a few simple steps you can take to improve your colour matching, thereby reducing the amount of proofing you need to do and avoiding embarrassing delays in delivering print work to clients.


What is colour matching?

The way we do colour matching is using HP Printing i1 system with ONYX software. 

1. Customer Designer give us the Panton code that use in the design or company identiti.

2. We will base on the Panton code given, using ONYX system to generate SWITCH BOOK (3 direction X,Y,Z). SWITCH BOOK sample as the photo attached below. 2sets Swatch book will be printed (1 give to customer, 1 keep by supplier)

3. Customer Designer can check with the switch book to find the most preferable colour and inform supplier what code is it. (or chenge the FA file colour code to the preferable colour code)

4. Once we received the confirmation, can change the file colour code or received the FA file with correct code can proceed the printing process. (during printing, we can double check the colour with the swatch book on hand to make sure the printing is same with the swatch book colour)

5. REMINDER, This step need to be redo with every 3-6months (because the print head usage and ink batch by batch different will affect the colour also).


6. With all this step, your Company Identiti colour will be same in all state and all country.

We can't wait to hear from you! Call us today and let us help you complete what you're looking for.
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